Based in Auckland’s industrial heartland, Penrose, Design Production sets the bar in structural steel fabrication and architectural metalwork, using first-of-its-kind robotic welding technology, and advanced 3D CAD software.

Brothers Cameron and Ryan McAuley established Design Production in 1997 from a deep connection to the transformative process and creative capabilities of steel; creating something of function, longevity and beauty from a few lines on a drawing.

Employing the principles of craftsmanship, at-scale, have fostered a reputation of reliability, attention to detail, exceptional quality workmanship, friendly and accommodating service, and the cultivation of long-term relationships.

We have seen 25 years of growth and investment in our people, processes, plant and equipment, and are currently housed in a 3000m² factory using the latest structural steel robotics technology and 3D CAD software.

As a leader in structural and architectural steel fabrication, ongoing investment in technology, commitment to our clients, and compliance with industry standards have allowed us to become the fabricator of choice for many large contractors.

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