Light Weight O

Metal Artwork

Project Description:
Light Weight O is a mirror-faced, brass-backed object suspended above O’Connell Street in downtown Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. The title of the work riffs off reflection, suspension and typography through materiality, movement and proportion, making a direct nod to the light weight version of a letterform, and as part of an ongoing series of vowel works in public and private spaces by the artist Catherine Griffiths. The 2.4m circular object gently pivots, offering its natural and built surroundings back to the viewer through light and reflection, catching the eye close-up, and at a distance. As in her other works, the viewer is encouraged to observe the above and the below, and consider the space between. It brings to attention the sky, framed by the built environment, and the earth beneath.

Artist: Catherine Griffiths
Commissioned by: Auckland Council Public Art
Installed: 2018

Photo credits:
BMC images:
Bruce Connew
CHG images: Catherine Griffiths
DST images: David Straight

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